An organizing campaign aiming to inform workers in the energy sector on the benefits of being unionized under the Power Workers' Union. With bold contrasting colours, the campaign branding had the anticipated impact and brought thousands of new members to the PWU's side.

Print Design


Web Design


Brand Development

With a rich and powerful history representing energy sector workers, Power Workers' Union is now one of the largest unions in Ontario. The logo concepts were all aiming to uphold the organization's strength, presenting it in a bold, modern light.



The best way to gain traction and spread awareness about the campaign was through a series of clean, straightforward flyers. The brand's minimal style provided the perfect medium to relay important information.



One of the biggest challenges of designing websites for unions is the heavy amount of content that is necessary on most of the pages. In order to create a better experience for visitors, I split the content in smaller sections and highlighted the most important parts in large strips with lots of negative space. Additionally, we made the panels collapsible, so the information is not overwhelming.

Goals and KPIs

Goal 1: Increase campaign awareness

  • Website Sessions: 47.25%

  • Website Bounce Rate: 51.2%

  • Conversion Rate: 25.84%

  • Page Views per Visit: 3.26

  • New Visitors vs Returning Visitors: 87.43%

  • Distributed Handouts: 2,000

Goal 2: Organizing Campaign Success

  • Customer Satisfaction: 92%

  • Voter Turnout: 87.57%

  • New Union Member Sign-ups: 2,459


  • By presenting information in a clean and easy to read format, the Vote PWU Campaign brand had the anticipated effect. In fact, because of it's success, the brand was used for all the future organizing campaigns, with only slight adjustments in the colour scheme.

  • Negative space is a powerful tool when used right. With a more interactive web experience and by splitting up the content even further, negative space could have been utilized at it's full potential.


Art Direction & Design - Liviu Tabacaru


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