Union Marketing Rebrand

Union Marketing is a creative marketing firm focused on bringing innovation to unions. Since it's inception, the company has grown from one employee to forty in only a couple of years. With a renewed focus on CRM products, the company evolved into Union1 Digital, reflecting the current maturity level of their service and professionalism.

User Testing

Brand Strategy

Brand Development

Web Design

UX Design

Print Design


Brand Strategy

Through the process of identifying our challenges, we developed a plan that strengthens the brand positioning in the market, proposes a marketing content strategy that leads to higher revenue generation and provides internal unity and focus. The development process followed four essential steps: empathizing with the client; defining the user personas; ideating the company story and last but not least, designing the new brand.


Brainstorming & Iteration

Once the logo, colours and typography had been outlined, we went through a round of rapid iterations on concepts and layouts that would best personify the brand's identity.

User Testing

Ensuing the visual identity design, we submitted our best designs to an internal user testing session. The conclusions we drew solidified not only the visual aspects, but also the brand voice.


Brand Guideline

The brand guide website was designed as a tool to provide virtually unlimited variety in design without altering the brand character. The logo, colours, textures, patterns, imagery, etc all add versatility and strengthen the brand appearance.


Customer Journey Map, User Flow & Site Map

Before tackling the website design, we followed the pattern created by our main user personas and generated a sure-fire user flow. The goal is simple and clear and can be easily reached from almost any point in the user's journey.


Website Design

Due to budget and time constraints, the website had to be developed on a CMS platform with templated elements. Taking these elements into consideration, I exploited the versatility of the brand guide and designed a clean, vibrant and friendly website.


Goals and KPIs

Goal 1: Finalize all visual design deliverables in 3 months

  • Design Time: 2.5 months

  • Rework Time: 1.5 months

  • Predominant Rework Cause: Major shifts in business goals and product strategy

Goal 2: Maintain communication with all stakeholders throughout the entire design and development process

  • Designer Progress Update Frequency: Daily

  • Product Strategy Update Frequency: 1-2 weeks 

  • Product Development Update Frequency: 1-2 months

Goal 3: Create a brand and user experience that aligns with stakeholder intent and customer demographic preferences

  • Stakeholder Satisfaction: 73.37%

  • Customer Satisfaction: 65.4%


Goal 4: Ensure brand standards and principles are applied across the board

  • Content Consistency: 90%

  • UI/UX Design Consistency: 95%

  • Print Design Consistency: 80%

  • Web Development Consistency: 15%


  • Working on a large scale project under a very strict deadline and with only a few people on the team, yielded great results. The large number of constraints challenged us to plan far ahead and to follow the timeline almost religiously, ultimately creating a great learning experience for everyone.

  • In the end, although the approved brand strategy took into account all the business and sales aspects, the project was unfortunately reduced to only a new logo and brand colours.

  • User research and testing are invaluable tools in the pursuit of successful human-centered design and they should be taken into account not only in the design phase but also in the product and web development phase.

Art Direction - Alex Cristiano

Brand Strategy - Alex Cristiano & Kelsea Mahabir

Content & Research - Kelsea Mahabir

Brand Development - Liviu Tabacaru

UI/UX Design - Liviu Tabacaru

User Testing - Liviu Tabacaru & Kelsea Mahabir

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