An awareness campaign was launched by the Power Workers' Union with Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni, Darcy Tucker, as the spokesperson. The campaign garnered the attention of thousands of sports fans and gained their support in the fight for clean and reliable energy solutions.

Web Design


Video Compositing 


Concept & Storyboard

The video ad had two main objectives: building familiarity with PWU and spreading awareness around clean energy solutions. With a Maple Leafs alumni as the main subject, the story became a metaphor between the hockey game and everyday life. 


Production Schedule & Plan

Only a couple of hours were allotted for set-up and recording. In order to maximize efficiency, the filming location was carefully scouted in advance and every aspect of cinematography and lighting was planned out in minutious detail.


Three ads of different lengths were created, out of which two were televised during hockey game breaks on the ESPN network. The 15 sec ad is fast paced and exhilarating, whereas the 30 and 60 sec ads have an inspiring tone. 


The website is clean and simple, with minimal content and beautiful, eye-catching photography focused on the impact of (or lack thereof) clean energy on natural habitats. 

Goals and KPIs

Goal 1: Film and Produce a TV ad in 3 weeks

  • Storyboarding: 2 days

  • Planning: 3 days

  • Filming and Recording: 1 day

  • Post-production: 5 days

  • Rework time: 4 days

  • Predominant Rework Cause: Stock footage issues


Goal 2: Increase campaign awareness

  • Website Sessions: +16.73% in the first month

  • Website Bounce Rate: +4.75% in the first month

  • Time on Website: +2.32 min in the first month

  • New Visitors on Website: +54.2% in the first month


  • Careful planning and the ability to visualize even before story-boarding, facilitated the the filming process and created valuable footage.

  • Although time-saving and low-cost, the stock footage used in the ad did not create a consistent look & feel. 

  • Without proper management, the website prototype lost much of it's character in development. A closer supervision would have yielded better results.


Art Direction & Graphic Design - Liviu Tabacaru

Cinematography - Liviu Tabacaru

Camera Operator & Lighting - Arvin Paz

Video Compositing - Liviu Tabacaru

Script - Kelsea Mahabir and Elisha Busby


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